We offer an extensive range of diamonds, gold, silver and stainless steel jewellery. Our buyers carefully chose each piece of jewellery with our discerning clientele in mind.

We not only ensure high quality in manufacturing, but ensure our price range is centred around affordability. We believe everyone deserves at least one unique piece jewellery. After all life without jewellery is boring. 

The majority of our jewellery is imported, and therefore is relevant to the current international trends. 

We boast a wide range of collections, including "Simply YES" which, is our wedding collection. This collection includes irresistable diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

"Simply 9-2-5", is our silver range which we guarantee is 92.5 percent sterling silver. Our "Simply 9-2-5" collection is also geared towards work wear and is priced competively with most fashion accessories, which gives our customers the option to buy fine jewelllery at affordable prices for every day wearing.

"Simply Precious" is our collection of precious and semi precious stone set in silver, and is designed to add colour to your life.

Our "Simply Swag" collection is put together with the youth in mind. The collection boasts both silver and stainless steel, which is not only priced appropriately for the age group, but has fresh and trendy designs to match each youth individuality and swag.

Our baby collection is called "Simply Sweet" and includes baby brooches, bangles, signet rings as well as colourful enamel charms that will keep your little one dazzled and charmed.

At Simply Silver, we pride ourselves to cater for every age group, gender and taste. We are constantly searching for new and exciting jewellery to add to our collections, and bring our customers the best quality and most afforable jewellery in Pretoria..


People will stare. Make it worth their while!  

-Harry Winston-



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