We offer an extensive range of diamonds, gold, silver and stainless steel jewellery. Our buyers carefully chose each piece of jewellery with our discerning clientele in mind. We not only ensure high quality in manufacturing, but ensure our price range is centred around affordability. We believe everyone deserves at least one unique piece jewellery. After all life without jewellery is boring.

Our Engraving Services are provided while-u-wait. Our electronic engraving is done with precision and excellent design layout.

Our talented design staff and jewellers will bring your jewellery dreams to life. They will help you design your ideal piece of jewellery and make it come alive.

Our dedicated workshop will repair and restore any jewellery to its former glory.

We also provide a same time service for the following: Watch Batteries Watch straps including lengthening or shorting. Jewellery cleaning and polishing. Soldering Should you just need some jewellery related advice - we got that cover
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